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Feel the Luxury

The suites themselves are designed elegantly & include comfortable birthing beds, soft colours and recessed lighting to offer a soothing environment for laboring women. They also have a sitting area and spare bedroom for the attendant, apart from the patient’s room. Birthing rooms have private bathrooms with marble floors and soft bed linens, rocking chairs, and flat-screen TVs, a refrigerator, and a special cot for baby. A special menu caters to moms with dietary restrictions & VIP mommies can also order their meals from an elaborate menu, with butler service.

The VIP guests can enter the premium lounge, where they're offered the high tea services. Mom can also treat herself to an in-suite manicure, pedicure, adding a spa-like touch to labor and delivery.

BirthRight Premium Advantages

Dedicated desk available on the 4th floor for check-in and check-out for the patient; there is no need to go to another floor

Get expert advice and customized menu designed and developed by the in-house nutritionist

Get dedicated concierge service on the floor*
*Applicable to presidential Suite 1 and 2

The super luxurious rooms are specially equipped for labor, delivery, and recovery and allows family members or friends to be present during the delivery*
*In case of nonsurgical interventions

  • Experience Natural Delivery

    BirthRight believes in delivering a child with minimum intervention as childbirth is meant to be natural & propagates family birthing & encourages families to be involved in the events of pregnancy and childbirth in a safe, personalised, comfortable setting. The medical team enables expecting mothers to experience a natural but painless delivery with the help of warm showers, massages, breathing exercises, birthing balls, appropriate positioning and if the need arises, resident anaesthesiologists.

  • Star Treatment

    The Presidential suites here overlook a beautiful view of the city that adds to the ambience of the area. Muslin cotton swaddling blankets and special cleansers for newborn clothing are just a few of the posh baby items that can be delivered to Mom's suite at any time. An in-suite postpartum massage relieves aches and pains. This star-worthy birthing facility provides 24/7 concierge service to handle a variety of requests.

  • Utmost Care

    With the Maternal Intensive Care Unit just down the corridor from the suites, BirthRight Premium provides the best of both worlds; enabling a luxurious stay for the mother while also ensuring that she is safe as any medical assistance required is available on the same floor & she can be attended to immediately in case of any complications. We have the best team that is experienced and equipped with state-of-the-art technology to handle complex congenital problems, twin and triplet births. With a neonatologist attending every single delivery, newborn care is at an optimum level at BirthRight.

    “The integrated team consisting of Obstetricians, Foetal Medicine Specialists and Geneticists, work closely in conjunction with Neonatologists, Medical Sub-specialists and Maternal Intensivists to optimise maternal and foetal outcomes, ensuring a safe, homely and memorable experience for the mother, child and the family.”
    Dr. Pranathi Reddy, Clinical Director of BirthRight

  • Pre and Post Pregnancy Child Care Classes

    The period leading up to childbirth is most important and BirthRight ensures that the parents are fully prepared for it by providing them with information on pregnancy, labor and delivery, pre-pregnancy counselling, prenatal yoga, breast-feeding support and nutrition counselling. We ensure the child’s safety even after the child has left the hospital by providing classes for new parents on first aid, infant CPR and how to handle emergencies.

  • Guided Tour

    We offer guided tours that provide details on the pre-admission and admissions process, where to check in and how to reserve a BirthRight Premium Suite.

For Appointments call toll-free: 1800 2122

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